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Transfer Information and Policy


Every firearm transferred to Magers Enterprises, LLC is subject to a transfer fee to be paid in full before the background check is conducted:

Long Guns – $20.00 each firearm

Handguns – $20.00 each firearm

NFA Items – $75.00  (Machine Gun Transfers $100)

We will fax or e-mail our Federal Firearms License (FFL) to the shop/seller or individuals can ship with a legible copy of a Driver’s License.

Firearms must be shipped via USPS, UPS, FedEx or a similar insured, reputable carrier that provides tracking information to the customer.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make ALL arrangements with the transferring FFL, including delivery of required documents and payment of shipping costs, and to notify Magers Enterprises, LLC of any firearm transfer prior to its arrival at our premises. Notification should be made by e-mail or phone: sales@magersenterprises.com or 304-215-5107.

The email or phone notification must include: 1) the make / model of the firearm being transferred 2) ALL contact information (name, address, daytime phone number) for the transferring FFL (including a contact name) 3) ALL contact information (name, address, daytime phone number) for the customer requesting the transfer.


Long Guns must be picked-up from Magers Enterprises, LLC by close of the 10th business day after arrival on our premises (arrival date plus nine grace period days, unless other arrangements have been made). It is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain whether the firearm has arrived by contacting the shipping company and to claim the firearm from Magers Enterprises, LLC within thirty days.

Long Guns NOT picked-up within the grace period are subject to a $1/day storage fee for every day after the grace period. Long guns NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS of arrival will be considered ABANDONED.


Handguns NOT picked-up within 10 days of receiving are subject to a $1/day storage fee. Handguns NOT CLAIMED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS of receiving the amended license will be considered ABANDONED.


We will help complete the necessary forms required by ATF. All paperwork must be started within 45 days of the item arrival. It will be the customer’s responsibility to send the required information to ATF and periodically check the status. Magers Enterprises, LLC will store the NFA until the approved forms are sent to Magers Enterprises, LLC. Any items with paperwork not started or no contact to schedule paperwork with Magers Enterprises, LLC will be considered abandoned after 90 days and be sold without recompense.

Delayed or Denied Background Checks: If you are delayed during your background check, we will hold the item during the process, which may take up to 3 business days starting the day after the delay.  If you are denied during the background check process, we will provide you information to appeal the ruling. If you decide not to appeal, we can consign the firearm. If this is not acceptable, we consider the firearm abandoned.

ABANDONED FIREARMS: Once a firearm is considered abandoned, Magers Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to possess and sell the firearm at no further recompense to the customer. If the firearm does not meet Federal law it will be returned to the transferring FFL at the customer’s cost, and may be reported to the proper authorities.

By shipping a firearm to Magers Enterprises, LLC, it means that you understand and accept the transfer policy as put forth by this document.